Established in 2010, EVER RÊVE (ever, in English and rêve, to dream, in French) is a Swedish fashion label based between London and Gothenburg.

In 2016 Michelle Urvall Nyren subtly shifted the brand’s focus, creating smaller, considered collections, of not only beautiful items of clothing, but ones with a clear ethical and sustainable background.

The design process remains similar; routed in Michelle’s Vietnamese heritage, a combination of traditional craft with contemporary techniques. Each individual garment is created working with the intricate methods of hand dyeing, traditional wax batique, as well as more modern methods of digital printing to create a standout effect.

Q & A

Who do you see wearing Ever Rêve?

When I restarted Ever Rêve I thought more than anything about what my friends and I wear and what our lifestyles look like. All of us love creative and mind blowing fashion but in reality, it’s not what we wear. I decided that I wanted to make clothes that women at different stages in life can wear throughout the day, dress up or down, depending on the occasion. I would like you to feel elegant and feminine yet, strong and confident , wearing an Ever Rêve piece.

What made you decide scarves would be the focal point of the new collection?

The idea with the scarves was to open up the aesthetics of the prints to a wider audience. They are versatile, they can be worn around the neck, around the hips or the head, and are designed to be worn by both men, and women alike.

What is it from London and Sweden that influences your design?

My basic colour palette is very inspired by the Swedish west coast where I grew up. The long summer nights, the greyblue sea, the cranes along the seaport of Gothenburg and the long, pitch black winters – all of it has shaped both my creativity and my personality. However, aesthetically, living in big buoyant, multicultural cities like London and Paris has made me more daring and colourful. London with its fast pace has made me very aware of the international fashion scene and industry and it has shaped my strategy a lot.

What drives the label? How do you stay inspired?

I have always been drawn to textile because of its story telling qualities. Looking back at previous work I can see how I have been influenced by events and people around me – some pieces are very melancholic and some are happier. Like a poem or a piece of music my work will be interpreted by someone on the other end and they will make their own thing with it, but my drive comes from wanting to express some kind of state of mind.

What is the classic Ever Reve piece?

The stripy shirt and the hand dyed indigo shirt are our most popular models. They are very versatile and can be dressed up and down and is worn by women with completely different styles.